LOMMEL (Repubblica Ceca) 23 luglio 2022 – Jeremy Seewer di Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing e Kay de Wolf di Husqvarna Factory MX2 hanno dominato le manche di qualificazione MXGP e MX2 alla MXGP of Flanders e inizieranno le gare di domani dalla pole position.

Le sessioni di qualifica, insieme all’azione di EMX250, EMX125, hanno concluso il primo giorno di gare a Lommel mentre l’eccitazione inizia a crescere per la gara principale di domani.

Buona visione!

SATURDAY: 08:10 EMX125 Group 1 Free Practice, 08:40 EMX125 Group 2 Free Practice, 09:10 EMX250 Group 1 Free Practice, 09:40 EMX250 Group 2 Free Practice, 10:10 EMX125 Group 1 Qualifying Practice, 10:50 MX2 Free Practice, 11:20 MXGP Free Practice, 12:10 EMX125 Group 2 Qualifying Practice, 12:45 EMX250 Group 1 Qualifying Practice, 13:25 MX2 Time Practice, 14:00 MXGP Time Practice, 14:35 EMX250 Group 2 Qualifying Practice, 15:30 EMX125 Race 1. 16:25 MX2 Qualifying Race, 17:10 MXGP Qualifying Race, 17:55 EMX250 Race 1. 

SUNDAY: 09:45 EMX125 Race 2, 10:25 MX2 Warm-up, 10:45 MXGP Warm-up, 11:30 EMX250 Race 2, 13:15 MX2 Race 1, 14:15 MXGP Race 1, 16:10 MX2 Race 2, 17:10 MXGP Race 2.

GP of FLANDERS 2022 – Qualifying – Time Practice!

EMX250 FLANDERS – LOMMEL 2022 – Risultati e Video!

EMX125 FLANDERS – LOMMEL 2022 – Risultati e Video!





Seewer and de Wolf Win Qualifying in Sandy Lommel

LOMMEL (Belgium) 23 July 2022 – The first day of racing at the MXGP of Flanders has concluded with Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jeremy Seewer and Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Kay de Wolf victorious in the deep sandy conditions of Lommel.

The riders were tested to a brand-new layout of the very well-known Lommel circuit, that is a popular stomping ground for much of the paddock. One of the biggest changes is the new first corner, which goes right instead of left and the direction of the track which has already made for some interesting racing this weekend so far.

Alongside the main FIM Motocross World Championship action we also saw the EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing and EMX250 races one, which were won by Julius Mikula and Lucas Coenen of Jumbo Husqvarna BT Racing Team.


In the MXGP category, it was Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jeremy Seewer who grabbed the holeshot ahead of Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha Racing’s Harri KullasRed Bull GasGas Factory Racing’s Jorge PradoTeam HRC’s Tim Gajser and Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP’s Romain Febvre.

Gajser quickly got by Kullas and Prado to move into second place, with his teammate Mitch Evans doing the same to get himself up to third. Kullas then dropped down to seventh.

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Maxime Renaux started down in around 11th, while Seewer pushed his lead to 2.153 seconds over Gajser, Evans and Prado.

Febvre then flew by Prado as he took over fourth position and began to set his sights on Evans who was having a great race. Though not long after, Evans made a big mistake as he jumped the triple and lost his legs on the take off. The Aussie crashed big and took Febvre down with him who caught his bike.

Prado, Coldenhoff and later Vlaanderen got by Febvre, as Seewer went on to win the qualifying heat for the second weekend on the bounce. Gajser finished second, with Prado third while Vlaanderen passed Coldenhoff for fourth in the final laps.

Beta SDM Corse rider Jeremy Van Horebeek did not line-up for the qualifying race today due to illness, though is planning to do the races tomorrow, depending on his condition, to give his home fans something to cheer about.

Jeremy Seewer: “I really enjoyed the qualifying race and a good start helped. And then I just stayed in my own rhythm, enjoyed the triple, was bouncing around and really felt good on the bike. It’s amazing to go back-to-back with wins on Saturday. The races are tomorrow but at least this gives me a good feeling and confidence and I’m just looking forward to the racing”.


Main Photo: Jeremy Seewer

Bottom Photos: 1. Tim Gajser 2. Jorge Prado

GP of FLANDERS 2022 – Qualifying – Time Practice!


In MX2 qualifying, it was Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Kay de Wolf who grabbed the holeshot despite not getting the best jump out of the gate. The Dutchman led the way ahead of SM Action Racing Team YUASA Battery’s Andrea AdamoTeam VRT KTM VERITISE’s Tom Guyon and Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Roan van de Moosdijk.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Tom Vialle, along with F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Kevin Horgmo and Liam Everts of DIGA Procross KTM Racing got unlucky in the first corner, as they went down, with Vialle not carrying on with the rest of the heat.

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jago Geerts was another rider who struggled in the start but made his way up to fifth and then set his focus on Adamo just ahead. Shortly after he was able to get it done and move into fourth.

While de Wolf led the way, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Thibault Benistant was the rider in second position who was looking fast after setting the fastest lap of the race. He was however 4.124 seconds down on the leader.

de Wolf stretched his lead out even further, as Geerts took third from Moosdijk and Everts made a stellar recovery to find his way up to 10th. The Belgian finished the race 8th.

In the final stages of the race, the battle for the win intensified, as de Wolf and Benistant set their personal best laps of the race, while Geerts clocked the fastest lap time of the heat.

In the end, de Wolf was unmatched as he won the heat by 8.784 seconds over Benistant and Geerts. Moosdijk was fourth on his first race back from injury, with Adamo finishing in solid fifth.

Kay de Wolf: “I took the holeshot, didn’t actually expect it and I think three or four riders went down in the start. The holeshot wasn’t easy, because my start wasn’t that good but I cut back and got it and led the whole race, just did my own thing, so that felt really good!”.


Top Photo: Kay de Wolf

Bottom Photos: 1. Thibault Benistant leads Roan van de Moosdijk 2. Jago Geerts

GP of FLANDERS 2022 – Qualifying – Time Practice!


SUNDAY: 09:45 EMX125 Race 2, 10:25 MX2 Warm-up, 10:45 MXGP Warm-up, 11:30 EMX250 Race 2, 13:15 MX2 Race 1, 14:15 MXGP Race 1, 16:10 MX2 Race 2, 17:10 MXGP Race 2.





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