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Hey guys really excited to tell you I’m riding the BETA 300RR for 2021 Happy New Year and see you at the races. Thanks!



Jonny Walker ha raggiunto l’accordo con Beta per creare un team supportato ufficialmente dal marchio toscano per disputare il Campionato del Mondo SuperEnduro e il nuovo Campionato Mondiale Hard Enduro.

Walker si è detto entusiasta della sua prima esperienza con Beta, ha messo insieme una squadra vincente che lotterà per il podio ad ogni evento durante la stagione.

Jonny Walker: “E’ davvero emozionante per me intraprendere questa nuova avventura e vedere il successo che Beta ha avuto nel corso degli anni nel campionato mondiale di Enduro ha reso la mia decisione facile. Poter proseguire con i miei sponsor è una grande soddisfazione e fa onore alla loro visione. Non vedo l’ora di lavorare con nuovi marchi e di aiutarli a crescere“.

Fabrizio Dini (Factory Beta Team Manager): “Beta è estremamente felice di sostenere Jonny, è sicuramente un pilota di livello mondiale molto professionale e forte. Siamo entusiasti di lavorare con lui perché sappiamo che è serio e professionale nella sua attività e nei grandi risultati che sicuramente seguiranno. Vogliamo iniziare a lavorare il prima possibile e ci auguriamo una stagione di successi“.


Jonny Walker Joins Forces With Beta Motorcycles

Jonny Walker has agreed terms with Beta in a Factory supported team to challenge for top honours in both the Super Enduro World Championship and the new FIM Extreme Championship
Walker is excited for his first appearance on the Beta and along with existing support from worldwide brands Redbull, Leatt, GoPro, POD. Jonny has put together a winning team that will challenge the podium at every event throughout the season.
Jonny Walker
“It is really exciting for me to undertake this new adventure, seeing the success that BETA has had in World Enduro championship over the years made my decision easy. Being able to carry on with my existing loyal sponsors is amazing and a credit to their vision and direction. I am really looking forward to working with new brands and helping them grow”.
Fabrizio Dini Factory Beta Team Manager
“Beta are extremely happy to support Jonny, he is for sure a very professional and strong world class rider. We are excited to work with him as we know that he is serious and professional about his business and the great results that will surely follow. Beta are also very happy that we are starting work as soon as possible and look forward to a good and successful season working together.”
Dave King Leatt Marketing and Athlete Manager.
“Over the last 4 years Jonny has become a real part of the Leatt family and is a pleasure to work alongside. His race results and personality speak for themselves but product testing and development has also helped take our brand to the next level. When Jonny first told us of his plans to run his own team for the coming year we didn’t think twice about continuing to support him. Leatt is excited to see Jonny get back to his winning ways and are looking forward to working with him for many years to come.”
With support from existing sponsors who can see the potential of the team and the opportunity to test and use new exciting products give the team enormous drive and motivation.
Opportunities are still available. If you are interesting in being part of this adventure please contact me for a bespoke package to suit your requirements.
See you at the start line in 2021