MX Nation S5 – E1 and E2

Scritto sabato 14 Settembre 2019 alle 08:58.

Una serie fantastica sul nostro amato sport, il Motocross, i primi due episodi della 5° stagione, analizzando quello che fa essere grande il nostro sport, gli americani al Nazioni che non riescono ad emergere dopo le stagioni intense del Supercross, o il ritorno dagli infortuni pesanti per poi stare ancora davanti nonostante tutto, ecco a voi questi due bellissimi video!

Buona visione!


Rising Back to the Top | MX Nation S5E2

Motorcycle racer Ken Roczen is hungry to get back on top and be known as the best in the world. Life is different for Roczen after his trainer and brother-in-law sustained a life altering injury.


The Future of Motocross | MX Nation S5E1

The world of American motocross has reached a crossroads. With the increasing popularity of Supercross and resulting financial incentives for riders and teams, traditional motocross seems increasingly to be pushed to the backseat. The length of the back-to-back seasons is also placing stress on the riders and teams, and thus more focus is placed on the more lucrative Supercross season in the first half of the year. Meanwhile, in Europe, riders are weaned on motocross year-round and develop a skillset that American riders just can’t match, as evidenced by their lackluster results at Motocross des Nations. Can the American motocross industry reverse this trend? Top riders and teams weigh in.







MX Nation Season 5 Returns | The Trailer