SUPERCROSS 2018 – Modifiche al format di gara!

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Monster Energy Supercross: New Points Structure


In una conferenza stampa tenutasi oggi allo stadio Raymond James, sede del Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Feld Motor Sports ha annunciato una serie di modifiche al format 2018 del Monster Energy Supercross, tra cui una nuova assegnazione punti, l’introduzione della Triple Crown, corsa dilettante e altro ancora.

Se hai perso la conferenza stampa, puoi vedere di seguito le spiegazioni ed i video.

Supercross Live ha pubblicato un certo numero di video che spiegano tutte le modifiche, che potete vedere sotto. Nei prossimi giorni avremo molto di più su ciò che questi cambiamenti andranno avanti.



1st place – 26 points
2nd Place – 23 points
3rd place – 21 points
4th place – 19 points
5th place – 18 points
6th place – 17 points
7th place – 16 points
8th place – 15 points
9th place – 14 points
10th place – 13 points
11th place – 12 points
12th place – 11 points
13th place – 10 points
14th place – 9 points
15th place – 8 points
16th place – 7 points
17th place – 6 points
18th place – 5 points
19th place – 4 points
20th place – 3 points
21st place – 2 points
22nd place – 1 point



Indianapolis e Las Vegas ospiteranno lo Showdown di East/West. Ecco come sarà il formato gara:

QUALIFYING: 250SX West and East qualifying. Top 20 riders della qualifying passano alle heat races.

250SX WEST AND EAST HEAT RACES. Top 9 riders passano al main event. Le heat sono 6 min + 1 lap

250SX LCQ. 22 riders. 1-4 passano al main.

250SX EAST/WEST MAIN EVENT. 22 riders, 15 min + 1 lap.


Anaheim 2, Minneapolis e Atlanta saranno le tappe per il Triple Crown. Come la Monster Energy Cup, 250SX e 450SX avranno tre main event in ognuna di queste. 

Nel video il format:


Le SEMI saranno tolte, si ritorna alle Heats e LCQs. 


  • 2 Heat con 20 riders. Ogni Heat race sarà di 6 mins + 1 lap.
  • dal pilota 1-9 saranno trasferiti direttamente al main event; dal pilota 10-20 faranno la LCQ.

250SX AND 450SX LCQS: 

  • La LCQs sarà composta da 22 riders con i migliori 4 che passeranno al main event.
  • la LCQ sarà di 5 min + 1 lap.


Spazio ai giovani, ci saranno 4 gare a titolo Amateur racing, saranno Anaheim 2, Glendale, Tampa, and Atlanta.

Anaheim 2 – January 21, 2018
Glendale – January 28, 2018
Tampa – February 25, 2018
Atlanta – March 4, 2018




Changes Announced for 2018

The 2018 season promises to be the most exciting and entertaining of all-time as a new era of Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, will change the battleground forever with a revised points system, the addition of three Triple Crown Monster Energy Cup-style events, two 250SX East/West Showdowns, four Supercross Amateur racing events and the elimination of semi races in qualifying for the Main Event. (Click on links for more details)

 As the most competitive and highest-profile motorcycle racing championship in the world, Monster Energy Supercross has entertained millions of fans for 43 years. For the first time in over two decades, the 2018 season will debut an all-new points system to evenly allocate points over all 22 finishing positions. While the gap between 1st, 2nd and 3rd has not changed, the new points system will ensure that the race to the championship will be much more competitive throughout the season as the reward is greater for a better finish.

 The elimination of semi races will add further pressure to qualify as the world’s most elite endurance athletes will have just two chances to ensure a spot in the Main Event through one of two heat races or a last chance qualifier (LCQ). This year, the Top 9 in each heat will qualify directly into the Main Event while positions 10-20 will have one last chance to make it through the LCQ. Previously, only five positions would transfer to the Main Event from the heat races and all others would be transferred to a semi race. Eliminating the semi races will make for longer heat races and last chance qualifiers, allowing for more intense battles on the track from the stars for the fans.   

 From a fan’s perspective, the most anticipated change in 2018 will be the introduction of the Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown, a three-city showdown hosted at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on January 20, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on March 3 and U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on April 14 where both the 250SX and 450SX Classes will compete in three Main Events. Qualifying races will deduce the field to the top 22 riders in each class, and the 250SX Class will compete in 6-, 10- and 12-minute Main Events, while the 450SX Class will compete in 8-, 12- and 15-minute Main Events. An Olympic-style scoring method will be used to determine an overall winner in each class from all three Main Events where the lowest combined score at the end will be awarded the overall win.

Additionally, two 250SX East/West Showdowns will double the excitement in Indianapolis and Las Vegas this season as fans will have the opportunity to see 20 of the fastest riders from each coast (Eastern Regional 250SX Class Championship and Western Regional 250SX Class Championship) battling each other for victory. The Main Event will be the first and only time throughout the night where all of the 250SX Class stars will line up on the gate for a 15-minute plus 1 lap Main Event where winner takes all.

Another dramatic change to the 2018 season includes the addition of four Supercross Amateur racing events at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on January 20, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on January 27, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on February 24 and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on March 3, which will give amateur athletes in 29 classes their only chance to compete in the same venue on the same weekend as all of the stars of Supercross.

Along with format changes, every track in 2018 will have a distinct personality that tells the story of each city’s Supercross history dating back over 43 years.

Without a past champion potentially on the gate in 2018, the international field is wide open for the world’s most elite athletes to become a first-time Monster Energy Supercross Champion. International fans will have the opportunity to watch the Monster Energy Supercross season unfold live by subscribing to the Supercross Video Pass, which is available to fans outside of the U.S. and Canada via the mobile-responsive portal at and via the Monster Energy Supercross Roku app. 

Fans living in the United States and Canada can watch all of the racing live on the FOX family of networks for the fifth consecutive year (check local listings).

Tickets for the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season will go on sale Tuesday, October 24.